Hello Again!

Hi all!
Lama nggak jumpa. Mulai November ini DEARAPPS bakal kembali rutin share tentang berbagai review aplikasi Android. Review akan disajikan berbeda dan dalam bahasa Indonesia loh 🙂
Pastikan kamu nggak ketinggalan untuk nyimak review dari DEARAPPS ya!

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Welcome to Yogyakarta, UberMOTOR!

As a city of capital Yogyakarta Special Region in Java, Yogyakarta is renowned as a center of education, classical Javanese art and culture. Yogyakarta also has many great tourism destination. Have you ever come to Yogyakarta? If you haven’t, then I believe, you should put “Yogyakarta” to your next vacation.

Yogyakarta has a lot destionation for your vacation

People from many town come to Yogyakarta to study or for vacation. Motor cycle is the most popular vehicle in Yogyakarta. And this January, the good news come to Yogyakarta. After coming to Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Surabaya and Malang, now Uber is available in Yogyakarta.

The developer describe,
Uber is a ridesharing app for fast, reliable rides in minutes—day or night. There’s no need to park or wait for a taxi or bus. With Uber, you just tap to request a ride, and it’s easy to pay with credit or cash in select cities.

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Microsoft Solitaire – The Legendary Game Is Coming to Android!

Hi fellas!
It’s time to game review. Who is interesting? Today I bring to you a legendary game. Everyone who using windows, should know about this game. Yes, the game is Microsoft Solitaire Collection! The world’s #1 Solitaire game is now available on Android. I try this game on my Redmi 3s and works fine. But, I don’t know why, the Solitaire isn’t compatible with Mi4.

Well, let’s check a sneak peek video of Microsoft Solitaire Collection!

Microsoft Solitaire Collection (MSC) looks similar like the old Solitaire on PC. But, this game on Android looks much better. The UI looks great with nice audio. When I try this game, I really feel like I use Windows phone. So, this one is the first look of MSC. You can easily check some recommended menu of MSC.

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PIXOMATIC – Change Your Photo Background in a Minute!

This is weekend and of course, time to me to share new review about great application which I tried for a week. And this time, I bring a photo editor application, called Pixomatic. You know what, photo editor change by the day and getting better. The special thing about this Pixomatic is you can easily change your photo background.

So, first of all… Fellas, let’s check a video about Pixomatic!

Long time ago, Pixomatic photo editor is only available on AppStore, but now this cool photo editor come to Android. You can download Pixomatic for free. Pixomatic has 2 type, the free one and the premium. To get the premium, you need to purchase about $ 2,99. But I will talk it later. The first time you go to Play store and looking for Pixomatic, you will get this cool photos! I really curious about how to make photo like this when I saw it the first time.

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EVIE LAUNCHER – Make It Simple!


Hi fellas! How are you today?
This weekend I want to share you about simple and perfect launcher, called Evie Launcher. I have used Evie Launcher for a week and I think this launcher is one of the best simple launcher on Play Store.

So, what Evie launcher have? First of all, check the video about Evie launcher!


Evie Launcher is simple launcher. You haven’t need big space to install this application. Evie launcher also have nice UI. Not only as launcher, Evie also will help you to find what you are looking for on your phone. You are not only can search the application which you installed on your phone, but also can search the restaurant, music and many more.

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eWed – Spread Your Happy Moments with Other

Hi fellas,
long time no see. How are you? It’s been a long time that I am not showing up in here because I got married. So doing full of holiday during December. Hehe. But, now I am back!

Speaking of wedding, I get a little help about the invitation from my friend. He had created a wedding application called eWed. Will you get married soon? Fellas, I believe that you need to read my review because eWed is one of best wedding application nowadays!


eWed has simple UI and really easy to use. This is the first view of eWed. You need to log in with your Facebook to use it. After you have finished the installation, you need to input the wedding code. Everyone has different wedding code with others.

How did you get the weeding code? Well, you will get it from people who invite you (the groom and the bride). Would you try to use it? Fellas, you can use this code to join my wedding event. FYI, a code is only available to 1 Facebook account. So, this is the code!

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Disney Enchanted Tales – Build Your Own Kingdom

Hi fellas,
In the end of November, I am glad to share with you a new nice game. Honestly, this game is kinda “build” game. You may be familiar with Clash of Clan, Sim City or other build game. But for me, this one is different cause this game has nice graphic, great story and super nice audio sound. So, the name is Disney Enchanted Tales or in this review, I will call it Disney Tales. I believe that most of you are familiar enough with a lot of fairy tales’ from Disney.

So, first of all, let’s check an official video about Disney Tales! Enjoy the video!


This game is really cute! I love how the Developer makes this game like a fairy tale book. Disney Tales also has great sound. You will feel like you in the middle of your favorite story. So, when you have finished the installation, you will find this loading screen. From this screen you can see Belle (from Beauty on the Beast), Rapunzel (Tangled) and Elsa (Frozen). Well, it’s because the first time this game has been launched, the developer only give you 3 stories. However, no need to worry, the developer always update the game. For the new version, you will also find Jasmine (Aladin).

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PHOTOSCAN (by Google Photos) – Bring Your Memories Back!

Hi fellas!
Happy weekend! How many photos do you have on your smartphone? I guess you save a tons of that on your gallery. But how about the old photos which you printed? Do you keep the photographs? Well, maybe ten years later after you have printed it, these photographs begin to fade, and damaged. Then, what should do we do to keep it??

Today, I bring to you a cool application from Google Photos, PhotoScan.  FYI, you can also give me recommendation apps to be review (all you need is write it down on comment) 🙂

First thing first, let’s check a video about PhotoScan!


HI, I AM PHOTOSCAN by Google Photos!
Well, Google describes PhotoScan is,

A new scanner app from Google Photos that lets you scan and save your favorite printed photos using your phone’s camera.

Yeah, with PhotoScan, you can easily archive your old printed photo. First time you open the apps, after installation, PhotoScan will give you a short tutorial about how to use the app.

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SNOW – Time to Share your Cool Selfie!

Hi fellas!
Back to my website, I bring to  you a cool camera application named SNOW.  This camera application will remind you of Snapchat application. With Snow, you can easily decorate your photo and send it to your friends.

First of all, check my video about SNOW!


First things first, you need to log in. You can log in with your Facebook, E-mail or Line account. After log in, you need to verify your phone. This step is to make you easily invite new friends. But, you can “Skip” it if you want. On SNOW, I log in using my Facebook account and skip the verify phone.

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PHOTO DIRECTOR – Your Best Photo Editor


Hi fellas!
This second week of November, I want to share you a photo editing application. This one is more complete than the others. In the past, I reviewed about Cymera and MAY. Today, I want to share with you another application named Photo Director.

First of all, here’s a video about Photo Director! Check this out!


Photo Director is a free editing application photo. You can download it for free from Play Store. But if you download the free version, you will find advertising and can’t use some special feature. This is the first view of Photo Director. Lucky me, Photo Director gives us “Halloween Event”. All you need to do is tap the pumpkin and you will get some voucher. And I won the voucher to use the premium features for 4 hours! And it’s time to review the application. Shall we start now?

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