Disney Enchanted Tales – Build Your Own Kingdom

Hi fellas,
In the end of November, I am glad to share with you a new nice game. Honestly, this game is kinda “build” game. You may be familiar with Clash of Clan, Sim City or other build game. But for me, this one is different cause this game has nice graphic, great story and super nice audio sound. So, the name is Disney Enchanted Tales or in this review, I will call it Disney Tales. I believe that most of you are familiar enough with a lot of fairy tales’ from Disney.

So, first of all, let’s check an official video about Disney Tales! Enjoy the video!


This game is really cute! I love how the Developer makes this game like a fairy tale book. Disney Tales also has great sound. You will feel like you in the middle of your favorite story. So, when you have finished the installation, you will find this loading screen. From this screen you can see Belle (from Beauty on the Beast), Rapunzel (Tangled) and Elsa (Frozen). Well, it’s because the first time this game has been launched, the developer only give you 3 stories. However, no need to worry, the developer always update the game. For the new version, you will also find Jasmine (Aladin).

AGE CHECKING. The first time you open the game, you need to put your age. This age checking is to make sure you are the right person to play, because people can make transaction such as purchase gold or diamond. For this game, my age is 16 years old. LOL . Pssssst. Don’t tell anyone.2


CHOOSE YOUR STORY. Well, as I told you before, you can find some stories in Disney Tales like Beauty and the beast, Frozen, Tangled and the new one is Aladdin. For this review, I choose Frozen!5


STORY TELLING. In the second you choose your story, the game will bring you to a little intro. This one is super cool! When I choose Frozen, then I get an intro story about Frozen. This one is the same with the original story (in the movie). This game has good graphic and detail view.


BUILD YOUR KINGDOM. One special thing on this game is that this game have unique background stories. The storie begin at the bed! Look at this! The square-thing (with the brown color) are your blanket. First thing first! I need to build my ice kingdom here. You can’t build it in a second, you need to wait to build the kingdom or another building. The time you need to finish it is relative, sometimes you need just few minutes, the other take a longer time, perhaps hour or days.


THE CHARACTER. This is one of example of the character. This is Anna from Frozen. Look at that! This game really has great graphic, right?


SHOP. All you need is available on shop! You can buy a lot stuff and also building here. All you need is saving gold and follow the instructions from Fairy God Mother. Wait, who is she?


FAIRY GOD MOTHER. This is the Fairy God Mother! She will guide you to finish the daily challange and other quests.


QUEST. Just like other build game, you need to solve some quest to gain points for leveling up. This game has so many quests! FYI, I am still level 6 and has a lot of quest to solved. Sometimes, I need to send my character to go dinner, tell story, or another task.


DOING QUEST. What should we do, when we get quest to solve? You need to open the quest then drag to your character. That’s pretty easy, isn’t?


HOW TO PLAY. Well, as I told you, the game is about building great kingdom. You need to build one by one. And after that, you can see this. The A, B and C! What is that? Keep reading!

A. This one is your gold. This gold will appear in (usually) 1-2 minutes. When you wanna collect it, all you need is tap it.

B. This sign is “well done” sign when you have finished the quest. This one also can give you money.

C. Daily Challenge. Yes, you will get extra bonus item from daily challenge. All you need is complete the daily challenge quest. Not only Daily Challenge, sometimes, you also will get the Treasure day! This is kinda special event. Don’t miss it!


SETTING. Wanna turn of the music, sound or change the language? Check the setting section!


REAL SHOP. LOL, Yeah I call it real shop because you need to purchase it with your real money. You can use your credit card or debit card.

no need to finish a story to continue with other stories cause in Disney Tales, you can mix it. So, it’s OK if Belle live side by side with Elsa. Well, that’s about Disney Tales. I am already start to build my Kingdom! How about you?

PROS. Nice story introduction and concept | Great graphic | Super fine music/audio/sound | No ads | Challenging game

CONS.  The item is expensive | Can’t make back up data

CONCLUSION. Disney Tales will be one of my favorite games because this game has a nice story and concept. Besides, this game has super fine graphic, great music and no advertising. Disney Tales is a super challenging game. Unfortunately, the item on this game is pretty expensive and I can’t find the way to back up the game. So, when you accidentally uninstall your game or clear the data, the previous game data will lose forever. Disney Tales is really worth to download and play. I recommend this application with rate 4 (of 5 stars).

Rate: 4 (of 5 stars) | Play Store


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