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Hi fellas! How are you today?
This weekend I want to share you about simple and perfect launcher, called Evie Launcher. I have used Evie Launcher for a week and I think this launcher is one of the best simple launcher on Play Store.

So, what Evie launcher have? First of all, check the video about Evie launcher!


Evie Launcher is simple launcher. You haven’t need big space to install this application. Evie launcher also have nice UI. Not only as launcher, Evie also will help you to find what you are looking for on your phone. You are not only can search the application which you installed on your phone, but also can search the restaurant, music and many more.

SET UP. First thing first, you need to set up your location and contact. You need to turn on the GPS first to find nearby restaurants, stores and other place you want. This launcher going well in my Redmi 3s, but not so great in Mi4 because Mi4 has very poor GPS. To set up, you haven’t need to log in or sign up.2

MAKE DEFAULT. Fellas, don’t forget to set Evie Launcher to be default. You can also set it from “SETTING”. Friends of mine says that it’s very difficult to set another launcher on MIUI. But with Evie Launcher, all you need just set it on setting, no need to make the apps locked on recent or auto start.

THE VIEW. This is the view of Evie Launcher. Evie Launcher hasn’t other theme, it just 1 default theme you can use. The theme just change the application icon, not the signal or battery icon. This view looks very simple. I love it because my home screen looks clean.

APP DRAWER. Long time no heard about the App drawer because MIUI has no App drawer. But Evie launcher bring it back. You can view applications as thumbnails or detail view.8

SEARCHING. This one is great feature on Evie launcher. Evie launcher has “searching box” on home screen and you can search anything on the searching box. For example, I’m looking for “Pizza Hut” and “Whatsapp”. And look what I got! The first one, when I search “Pizza Hut”, Evie launcher will give you the answer about Pizza hut nearby your location and Pizza Hut application which can you download on Play Store.6

THE DETAIL. And found the Pizza Hut nearby my location and I tap it. When I tap it, I got the detail. Not only the address but also the directions, reviews and the dial number.

Fellas, that’s short review about Evie Launcher. I installed it on my phone because I love to have simple and perfect launcher. So, what about you?

PROS. Simple and clean | Nice UI | No advertising | Searching box is useful and great | No need big space on internal phone |

CONS. Hasn’t other theme

Conclusion. Fellas, I use Evie Launcher for a week, and I can say that Evie Launcher is one of the best application nowadays. This launcher is easy to use and simple. Besides, Evie launcher has nice UI. Evie launcher also has great feature, named “Seacrhing box” which can help you find whatever you are looking for. I recommended Evie launcher with rate 4 of 5. So, let’s try it!

Rate: 4 (of 5 stars) |  Play Store



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