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Hi fellas,
long time no see. How are you? It’s been a long time that I am not showing up in here because I got married. So doing full of holiday during December. Hehe. But, now I am back!

Speaking of wedding, I get a little help about the invitation from my friend. He had created a wedding application called eWed. Will you get married soon? Fellas, I believe that you need to read my review because eWed is one of best wedding application nowadays!


eWed has simple UI and really easy to use. This is the first view of eWed. You need to log in with your Facebook to use it. After you have finished the installation, you need to input the wedding code. Everyone has different wedding code with others.

How did you get the weeding code? Well, you will get it from people who invite you (the groom and the bride). Would you try to use it? Fellas, you can use this code to join my wedding event. FYI, a code is only available to 1 Facebook account. So, this is the code!


If you can’t join with that code, it can be because other people use it first. But don’t worry, I have another available code, if you need that, you can contact me.

HOME. So, after you input the code, eWed will bring you tothis view. In this view, you can see details of event, rundown and pre wedding photos. Video will be added very soon.

MAP. In this feature, you will get a map. This map refers to google map. What did you get on the map? You can see the direction from your current location to venue. The map will lead you there. This one is pretty cool!

FRIENDS. Remember that you need to log into your facebook account first? So,in this feature, you can see how many people join in the event. Look at that! The name with purple color means that the guest is your friends on facebook.

COMMENTS. You can share or give your wishes in this feature.The other people also can write that. This is cool! But, on eWed which I used in this review (version 1.5), you can’t put emoticon because emoticon will automatically replace with “???????????”. Hope the developer will fix it soon. It will be great if developer can make this application more intercative, for example the bride/groom can reply the comments.

. The one that makes this application different with other is that you (or the guest) can easily upload photos and share it with another guest. This one is very simple cause all you need is go to camera icon and choose “gallery”. Unfortunately, no one can’t save it.

CAMERA. You also can capture the photo directly from this application. But, I prefer to capture it with your “normal camera” cause the quality will look better.

So fellas, with eWed you can invite a lot of people to your wedding day just with share wedding code. Your guest can share the happy moments with other. People who can’t join your wedding also still can see photos and write wishes. So, do you wanna try this application and make your wedding day more memorable?

PROS. Simple | Easy to use | Nice UI | Persoal invitation| Detail information | Accurate map

. Sometimes force closed | Can’t save photo | Can’t read the emoji

CONCLUSION: Fellas, I think eWed will be a great application in the future. This application will help the bride and groom to invite people to their wedding.Now, no need to send invitation via post-mail anymore. All you need is install the application. Ewed has nice UI, detail information, accurate map and of course easy to use. This application is also kinda personal invitation cause every guest has different code. But unfortunately, this application still has some “forced close bug”, then eWed can’t read the emoji, and can’t save photos. I hope that developer will fix it soon and make this application more interactive. I recommended you to install and try it. The rate is 4 of 5.

Rate: 4 (of 5 stars) | Play Store


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