HITAP KEYBOARD – Musical Keyboard of the World!

Dear fellas, happy weekend and it’s me again!
Today I bring you great keyboard application called Hitap Keyboard. This keyboard is cool! Hitap is the first musical keyboard of the world! Don’t go anywhere, keep reading.


I really enjoy using Hitap Keyboard. This keyboard has great performance and you can find a lot themes at Hitap Store. No lag and easy to use. Don’t forget to go to setting and set Hitap Keyboard on “Language & input. Attention! Hitap promise not to collect your private information.

First of all, let’s check a video about Hitap Keyboard!

And this is the first view of Hitap.

And let’s talk about Hitap’s feature! What make this application different with another keyboard? Check this out!

MENU. Hitap has a nice UI, the menu bar is right on the left. On this menu, you can see Hitap store, language, keyboard, setting, follow our facebook, rate us, FAQ and about. And, it’s time for me to tell you all about detail Hitap. Are you ready?


HITAP STORE. On Hitap Store, you can find theme, sound and font. You can find a lot free time here. My favorite is Doraemon and Piano theme. If you like the theme and wanna change your Hitap default theme, you can download another theme on this section. But yeah… you need to download the theme first.

And the next cool section of Hitap Store is “Sound”. Here, you can find a lot sound like water drops, piano and event pikachu! No wonder the developer describe Hitap is the first musical keyboard of the world! For example, I choose the piano sound and when I type, it sounds like I play the piano. The sound is super nice!

In this feature, you can also see font options to change the font on your Hitap keyboard. Remember, the font just changes on your keyboard not your system font.


THEME. What should I do if I don’t like themes from Hitap? No problem, you can make your own theme! You can use the default picture, or you can import it from your phone gallery.


LANGUAGE. What’s your language? English is the default language on Hitap. Hitap has many languages. You can download more than a language. But, I don’t understand why I can’t set the input language. FYI, I am always using English on my keyboard, but with spell QWERTZ not QWERTY. And in Hitap, I can’t change the QWERTY to QWERTZ. That’s weird and I don’t like it.


KEYBOARD. In this feature, you can set the volume, vibration, top bar and key popup. For me, this feature is really easy to understand. Usually I turn on the sound, turn off the vibration, and turn on the top bar and key popup. But of course, you can set your own setting according your style.


SETTING. This is it, the setting feature. In this feature you can set your keyboard.

And this one is my favorite feature. Hitap make you easier to input contact’s names, phone number and address. Make sure you turn on “Shortcut of contacts” to allow Hitap import them.


THE VIEW. This is Hitap view, I am using the default theme here. With Hitap, you can set the word prediction. Sometimes, Hitap give you “emoji prediction” but only sometimes. So sad, cause I really need the “emoji prediction” on my phone.


SMILES. But Hitap has a lot smile-thing! Check this out! Most of girl will love it.


SHORTCUT. And from your keyboard view, you can easily go to setting. You can set the sound, set the top bar, change the language, even resize your keyboard. I did that because for me, the default keyboard looks to big. So I resize the keyboard to little bit tiny.

Fellas, that’s about Hitap keyboard. If you like the musical keyboard then Hitap will be one of your favorite keyboard application ever.

PROS. Nice UI | Has a lot theme and can create your own | Has a lot beautiful sound | Easy to use | No Lag

CONS. No emoji prediction | No input language (in case, I can change the QUERTY to QUERTZ)
CONCLUSION. Well, I think Hitap has great ideas. This keyboard not only has a lot theme to choose, but also a ton sound. You know, the sound is not the ordinary sound. Guess what, you even can find the Pikachu sound! Hitap also has a nice UI, easy to use and of course have no problem with lag. Unfortunately Hitap has no emoji prediction and no input language (in case, I can change the QUERTY to QUERTZ). I recommend this application with rate 4 (of 5 stars).

Rate: 4 (of 5 starts) |  Play Store


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