Microsoft Solitaire – The Legendary Game Is Coming to Android!

Hi fellas!
It’s time to game review. Who is interesting? Today I bring to you a legendary game. Everyone who using windows, should know about this game. Yes, the game is Microsoft Solitaire Collection! The world’s #1 Solitaire game is now available on Android. I try this game on my Redmi 3s and works fine. But, I don’t know why, the Solitaire isn’t compatible with Mi4.

Well, let’s check a sneak peek video of Microsoft Solitaire Collection!

Microsoft Solitaire Collection (MSC) looks similar like the old Solitaire on PC. But, this game on Android looks much better. The UI looks great with nice audio. When I try this game, I really feel like I use Windows phone. So, this one is the first look of MSC. You can easily check some recommended menu of MSC.

Now, it’s time to discuss about the features!
MENU. You need to swift it from left to the right to see the “Menu” feature. In this feature, you can see “Games”, “Challenges”, “Statistics”, “Subscribe to Premium”, “About” and also “Game options”.

TUTORIAL. Before you play, MSC will give you detail tutorial about the game type you want to play. I think the tutorial is pretty good and super detail. But, this tutorial only available in English. It will be nice if we can change the language.

GAME. MSC give us five challenging game type: Klondike, Spider, Freecell, Tripeaks and Pyramid. Spider is my favorite type because this one much fun and not-too-difficult for me. When I try the Spider type, I get nice UI, smooth movement and it’s challenging. I remember, long time ago, when I play this game on my PC, I always drag the card so hard to move. But, now it more easier to move the cards. Super nice!

SING IN. So, are we need to sign up when we want to play MSC? No! You can play as Guest. But still, you can sign up to keep your game data. You can sign in using your Microsoft account, email, phone and Skype.

CHALLENGES. This game also give you Daily Challenges. So, you will not boring to play. On Daily Challenges, you can track your progress in a month. If you join to play daily challenge and win, you will get a lot coins which can you archive to make your level growing.

STATISTICS. Want to check the history or statistics? You can go to Statistics feature! This one will give you complete information about that.

SUBSCRIBE TO PREMIUM. Want to unlock some special feature on MSC? You need to purchase and upgrade your game to Premium version. You can purchase per month or per year. The special feature you will get after you purchase are no advertising, more coins for completing the daily challenge and get a boost for every game of Tripeaks and Pyramid. I personally like to play the free version.

So, fellas!
How about you? Want to try this game and back to nostalgic feeling while playing the Solitaire?

PROS. Nice UI | Good audio | Challenging game | A lot game to play


CONCLUSION. Fellas, talking about a great game, Microsoft Solitaire Collection is one of them. I am so happy that the world’ #1 Solitare game finallc come to Android. I play this game for a week, and feel this game is super cool! MSC has nice UI and great audio. This game also challenging. You can play a lot game to play. I believe that you will nver be bored if you play this game. On MSC, you can play this game for free but also can upgrade it to premium. On Premium version, you can get some nce feature like no advertising, more coins for completing the daily challenge and get a boost for every game of Tripeaks and Pyramid I recommended MSC with rate 4 of 5.

Rate: 4 (of 5 stars) | Play Store


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