My Little Pony: Puzzle Party! – Test Your Puzzle Skills!

Hi fellas,
happy weekend! This weekend, I want to introduce you about a cute game named My Little Pony: Puzzle Party, or in this review I will call it “MLP”. This review is a request from a friend of mine. FYI, you can send a request application via PM. MLP is a puzzle game. This game discovers the magic of a beautiful place named of Equestria. This game is fun and challenging.


MLP has great graphic and good sound. This game is cute and I believe that every girl wanna play it. This game is about little pony’s journey. But you need more than 100 MB space on your phone to install this game. So, dont’t go anywhere! I can says that this game worth to download and to play. First of all, let’s check the video about MLP!

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Hand Lettering for Beginners – Make You Look Like A Pro


Dear fellas,
it’s weekend! So, it’s time for me, to share with you about creative and cool application. Before you read my review, please pick your paper and marker. Because today, I wanna talk about an application called Hand Lettering for Beginners! Check this out!


Not every person love to make hand lettering, but nowadays, many people also need it. Usually, people make hand lettering to decorate cafe, books, board and many more. Hand Lettering for Beginners is just a simple application which tells you about what should you do, and what should you have to make great Hand Lettering. With this application, you can make hand lettering like a pro. I love this application because it’s so simple and easy to use.

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HITAP KEYBOARD – Musical Keyboard of the World!

Dear fellas, happy weekend and it’s me again!
Today I bring you great keyboard application called Hitap Keyboard. This keyboard is cool! Hitap is the first musical keyboard of the world! Don’t go anywhere, keep reading.


I really enjoy using Hitap Keyboard. This keyboard has great performance and you can find a lot themes at Hitap Store. No lag and easy to use. Don’t forget to go to setting and set Hitap Keyboard on “Language & input. Attention! Hitap promise not to collect your private information.

First of all, let’s check a video about Hitap Keyboard!

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PAPER PLANES – Throw and Catch Them All!

Dear fellas,
October is coming and now I bring you cool application called Paper Planes. Paper planes is a game which gives you a chance to trade stamps with people around the world. The Paper Planes icon may remind you of Telegram app, but this one is a game (well I like to says that this application is a game), not chat application.

First of all lets check the video about Paper Planes, happy watching!

Paper Planes has a great interface with soft purple color. Honestly, it’s little bit sad that this game icon exactly looks like Telegram. So, after the installation, Paper Planes will “say hello” to you through this view. You can see a lot paper planes fly and wait for you to catch them all.

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MAY – Your Fantasy Photo Editor

Dear fellas!
Happy weekend! Today, I want to make a review about the photo editing application, called May. I know that many of you love to edit photo with a new application (for example Prisma, Picasa, Snapseed). But, if you need an editing application with great performance, less memory usage and nice result, I believe that you should try May.

So, let’s get started!

May has great and simple interface. This application is free to download and unfortunately, you can find some advertising in this application. Using this application, and you can add colors to your memorable photos. This is the first view of May. Check this out!

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BITLY – Say Goodbye to Extra-Long Links!

Dear fellas,
today I want to share with you an useful application called BITLY. Bitly is a link management platform, developed by Bitly Inc. Before coming to Android, Bitly is available on the desktop version. With Bitly, you will get a simple and short link. So, if you find great thread or article with extra-long link, and you need to share the link with your friends, you can easily use Bitly. Your link will be shorter than before.

Bitly is a nice application with simple UI. You can easily use Bitly after you have finished the installation. But before you can use it, you need to create an account, or you can log in with Facebook or Twitter. But, here is the problem, I try to log in with Twitter, but in the end I still need to input my email address to finish it. So, it’s better when you choose “Sign up” at the first time than “Log in”.


Bitly for Android is fully integrated with the desktop version. Have you ever tried the desktop version? You can visit this link.

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ZENLY – Realtime GPS Locator

Dear fellas,
today, I want to share you about locator application called Zenly Locator. Zenly is useful application and can helps you to track your friends or family location 8-).

Zenly Locator is a simple and battery-friendly application. This application has great UI, but not-so-lovely color. Zenly has a light blue color. Personally, I am not like the color because not comfortable to my eyes 😕 . In my opinion, dark brown or pastel color will be better. First time you log in on Zenly, you need to make your account, set your ID name, put phone number and password.

Fellas, let’s talk about features!

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Unboxing Redmi 3s (Free Gift from MIUI Global Forum)

Dear fellas,
today I wanna share you about the unboxing video of Redmi 3s. Redmi 3s is a brand new device from Xiaomi. I got the device from MIUI Global forum for FREE cause won an event contest. Hope you like the video, don’t forget to subscribe my Youtube channel and follow my blog. Happy watching!

The short story about this gift (and camera preview of course!), you can check on my twitter or click here.

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