PAPER PLANES – Throw and Catch Them All!

Dear fellas,
October is coming and now I bring you cool application called Paper Planes. Paper planes is a game which gives you a chance to trade stamps with people around the world. The Paper Planes icon may remind you of Telegram app, but this one is a game (well I like to says that this application is a game), not chat application.

First of all lets check the video about Paper Planes, happy watching!

Paper Planes has a great interface with soft purple color. Honestly, it’s little bit sad that this game icon exactly looks like Telegram. So, after the installation, Paper Planes will “say hello” to you through this view. You can see a lot paper planes fly and wait for you to catch them all.

CREATE THE PLANE. What should I do when I want to make a paper plane? Fellas, all you need is tap the Paper Planes icon on the page above and create the new one. I played the game a week ago and the first time I play, the GPS is very bad. But thanks for the Developer, they fix it. So, yes… you need to turn on your GPS to play this game.

So, when you get that white-clean paper, you need to “stamp” the paper. In the time you stamp it, it will show your location along with your country. The stamp has a lot type, so just tap and tap again to choose your stamp. After you have finished your paper, you can fold your paper plane! Hold your phone like a paper plan and throw! Be careful fellas, don’t let go of your phone. LOL. I think the developer should give option to this section, so people should not act to throw it. May be swipe is enough.

After you throw your paper plane, it will fly around the world with others plane. For example here, mine is flying with 155,897 planes (on September 28th 2016). Oh GOD! Who will find my paper plane?

. While your plane flies around the world. Let’s play! Let’s catch the other plane. All you need is shake your phone, and catch the paper plane.

Wohoooooooo….. Nice catch! Let’s expand to see where it’s been!

Now you can see that! So many people have been caught this plane. Many of them are from USA. I can see here ST. Louis, Kingsport, Bucharest and many more. For me, this is very nice how we can trade stamps with other people. It’s really remind me of a trade post card when we are on vacation. But it will be greater if we can write something here, not only stamp. May be like “Hello, I am a girl from Indonesia”. So, give your stamp and fold it again!

. That’s about catch another plane. So what happens with our plane? You can track your plane here. So far I made 4 paper planes, and I want to track paper plane number #157,068 (I created it on September 28th).

My paper plane number #157,068 has flown 17,156 miles! Wow great! And how many stamp I get?

Tadaaa!!! I open it on October 3rd, and look what I got! 5 stamps, from Venice, New York, Kazan, Odesa and Phra Nakon. Honestly, I am not familiar with the towns except Venice (Have visited Venice once on 2011). But I still happy to collect the stamp and now, my paper plane number #157,068 still flying.

. You can visit on your computer to throw planes into your screen. It’s really cool! You should try to throw your paper plan (from your phone) to your PC.

So fellas, that’s about a cool application and I think paper plane is one of great games to play. You can enjoy your day and sometimes check the game. I check it 2-3 times in a day. But unfortunately, you can back up the game. So, when you uninstall paper planes then, say good bye to your game data ­čÖé

PROS. Great graphic | Nice ide | Simple to play | No advertising | Nice audio (on PC)

CONS.┬áCan’t write note |┬áTake a long time to get stamps from another people.

CONCLUSION.┬áInstall Paper Planes for a week and I really enjoy using this application. This game has a nice idea with great graphic and good audio (on PC). Paper Planes also simple to play and hasn’t advertised. Unfortunately, you can’t write notes (just stamp) and you need long time to get stamps from other people. And it’s sad that we can make data back up for this game. I recommended this application with rate 4 of 5.

Rate: 4 (of 5 starts) | Play Store



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