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Hi fellas!
This second week of November, I want to share you a photo editing application. This one is more complete than the others. In the past, I reviewed about Cymera and MAY. Today, I want to share with you another application named Photo Director.

First of all, here’s a video about Photo Director! Check this out!


Photo Director is a free editing application photo. You can download it for free from Play Store. But if you download the free version, you will find advertising and can’t use some special feature. This is the first view of Photo Director. Lucky me, Photo Director gives us “Halloween Event”. All you need to do is tap the pumpkin and you will get some voucher. And I won the voucher to use the premium features for 4 hours! And it’s time to review the application. Shall we start now?


TUTORIAL. Photo Director will give you a nice tutorial about how to use the application, how to use the effect, some useful tool, and many more. This application is only available in English version. So, you can’t change the language.


NOTICE. Get all of updates information about Photo Director here. You will get the notice if the developer add some new features on this app.


SETTING. Want to save the photo result to another path location? Or set the image quality setting? You need to go to this section.


TOOLS. Photo Director gives us a lot of tools to use. You can do basic edit, such as crop the object, adjust the image, make mirror effect, ect. With Photo Director, you can also remove some object and make Fisheye effect on your photo.


HOW TO USE IT? So, let’s do it! I want to share with you how to edit the photo using Photo Editor. I used my old photo here and I want to crop it to a smaller size. This size is fit to Instagram. On “Crop” section, you can use default crop size, or make it “custom”. I prefer to do custom cropping.

So, next section, I will not show you all of the features. I will let you explore it by yourself! But, I want to share with you the greatest feature on Photo Director which makes this application different with the other similar application.


WHITE BALANCE. You can make great color with this feature. It will magically change your photo to be better.


BLENDER.Want to have a great blend photo? Check this feature MIUIers! You will get great experience and your photo will look much cooler!


EFFECT & MIRROR. Photo Director will give you a lot cooler filter effect. Just with one tap, you will get nice photo results. And This one is a mirror effect with can make great combination photos. With this application, you can also put sticker, brushes, and text.

So, this is the result! Looks great, right?

Before I finished my review, I will share with you the purchase edition of Photo Director! You need to upgrade to the full version with about $ 4,99. With the full version, you will give higher output quality photo, unlimited use of the removal tool and no more advertising. So, fellas, ready to have magic photo editor on your phone?


PROS. Simple | Easy to use | Include great editing tools like removal, fisheye, blended, mirror effect, also has a lot of filter effects and many more

CONS. Advertising

CONCLUSION. Fellas, I have used Photo Director for weeks and this application is one of the great photo editor. This application can make your photo look great, brighter, and have great color. This application is also simple and easy to use. Photo Editor also includes great editing tools like removal, fisheye, blended, mirror effect, also has a lot filter effects and many more. Unfortunately, you need to purchase about $4.99 to remove the advertising. I recommend this application with rate 4 (of 5 stars).

Rate: 4 (of 5 stars) | Play Store



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