PHOTOSCAN (by Google Photos) – Bring Your Memories Back!

Hi fellas!
Happy weekend! How many photos do you have on your smartphone? I guess you save a tons of that on your gallery. But how about the old photos which you printed? Do you keep the photographs? Well, maybe ten years later after you have printed it, these photographs begin to fade, and damaged. Then, what should do we do to keep it??

Today, I bring to you a cool application from Google Photos, PhotoScan.  FYI, you can also give me recommendation apps to be review (all you need is write it down on comment) 🙂

First thing first, let’s check a video about PhotoScan!


HI, I AM PHOTOSCAN by Google Photos!
Well, Google describes PhotoScan is,

A new scanner app from Google Photos that lets you scan and save your favorite printed photos using your phone’s camera.

Yeah, with PhotoScan, you can easily archive your old printed photo. First time you open the apps, after installation, PhotoScan will give you a short tutorial about how to use the app.

Now, let’s talk about features! What makes PhotoScan different with other photo scanner apps? Or with our camera phone? I tried to capture my old printed photo with my phone camera. And this is what I get!

First photo is with flash, and the second is without flash. Can you see that? The photo is full with glare, right? I also need to crop it to make the photo looks great. So, I open the PhotoScan on my phone, and lets looks what I get! Keep reading.

VIEW OF CAMERA. MIUIers, this is view of PhotoScan’s camera. This is just like other photo application, right? On the right side, you can see help (this icon > ?), shutter camera, and flash. Yeah, you can also use it with or without flash. Honestly, I prefer to use without flash because it will make the result much better.

HELP. Need another tutorial about how to use the apps? You can check on HELP section. Here, you can get tutorial and you can also send “feedback” to developer.

HOW TO SCAN? PhotoScan is simple to use. Everyone will easily use it, trust me! So, this is the step to use PhotoScan. First of all, you need to capture the photo (use the shutter button). After you capture the photo, you will directly get this view.

Then, you need to move the circle to another dot. You need to make it four times, I mean move the circle to four dots. After that, wait a sec, PhotoScan is delivering your photo! And voila! This is it! Your photo is almost ready. You can adjust corners or rotate your photo if you feel that the result haven’t maximal. You can save your result photos on your phones or back up them to Google Photos.

And this is the result! I think, it looks great. Seems like you scan it with real-expensive scanner, isn’t? But, I think it will be better if we can also set the focus and the brightness. It will make the photo looks perfect.

So fellas, that’s a simple short review about PhotoScan and hope you like it! Stay tuned on my thread because next week, I will make a review about Disney Enchanted Tales.

PROS. Simple | Easy to use | Smart Cropping object | No advertising | Easy to back up to Google Photos | Get glare-free photo result

CONS. Need focus camera feature and other editing tools like brightness cause the result looks little bit blur and to dark |

CONCLUSION. Fellas, I use PhotoScan for a week and I can say that this application is really useful. Photoscan is simple and of course easy to use. The apps will get you great photo result with glare-free and smart cropping. The result photo will look like you scan it with real-expensive scanner. But, I think it will be better if we can also set the focus and the brightness. It will make the photo looks perfect. I recommended this application with rate 4 of 5 stars.

Rate: 4 (of 5 stars) | Play Store



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