PIXOMATIC – Change Your Photo Background in a Minute!

This is weekend and of course, time to me to share new review about great application which I tried for a week. And this time, I bring a photo editor application, called Pixomatic. You know what, photo editor change by the day and getting better. The special thing about this Pixomatic is you can easily change your photo background.

So, first of all… Fellas, let’s check a video about Pixomatic!

Long time ago, Pixomatic photo editor is only available on AppStore, but now this cool photo editor come to Android. You can download Pixomatic for free. Pixomatic has 2 type, the free one and the premium. To get the premium, you need to purchase about $ 2,99. But I will talk it later. The first time you go to Play store and looking for Pixomatic, you will get this cool photos! I really curious about how to make photo like this when I saw it the first time.

HOME. If you have finished the installation, Pixomatic will direct you to the home view. From HOME, you can see all photo in your gallery. And you can also connect it with your Facebook. So, you can see all of your Facebook photos. All you need is log into your account via Pixomatic.

MENU. Swipe the left side and you will get this menu. From MENU, you will get “Album”, “Setting”, “Help”, “Contact Us”, “Rate Pixomatic”, “Go Premium”, “Facebook”, “Instagram” and “Twitter”. This all features are interesting to be discuss, but I just want to talk about the important features. I will let you explore the other by yourself.

SETTING. The important thing in SETTING feature is that you can change the image size and export image format. Personally, I more like to save my project on “PNG” type than “JPEG”. In this feature, you can also change the language.

GO PREMIUM. Want to unlock all features and get full access Pixomatic? You need to purchase it about $2,99. But what happened if you aren’t purchase it? The first time, I think it’s OK because you can still can use the free feature. But I change my mind because at the second day I use Pixomatic, it won’t allow me to use the feature before I like their Facebook. It’s going to be weird, isn’t?

So, let’s try to use this application! I am really fall in love at the first time I try it. Hope it also happens to you.
CUT. Want to have blur background or change the color effect? Pixomatic can easily help you. All you need is select your item (or in Pixomatic, we called it “CUT”). This CUT feature is very important because you need to do it first before you can edit your photo.

BLUR. Change your background to blur background will never have been easier! Try Pixomatic now.

EFFECT. With Pixomatic, you can also change the background effect. This one, I make it “GRAY”. After you use the “CUT” feature, you can select “Gray” and swipe it from left to the right to make the color change.

CHANGE THE BACKGROUND. So, this one is amazing! You can easily change your background photo. I try to another photo and the result is very good.

This is the result. Check this out!

With Pixomatic, you can also add stickers, change the shadow, crop and make your own perspective photo. In this photo editor, you can also find FILTER feature which, is like in other photo editor. Well fellas, I will not explain the ordinary feature because I believe you already familiar with feature like that. And of course the ordinary feature will not make this appication special.

That’s my short review about a great feature on Pixomatic, hope you like it and happy weekend!

PROS. Simple and clean | Nice UI | Easy to change the background photo | Have a lot good sticker | A lot useful feature

CONS. Advertising | Can’t use “CUT” for free after a few days you use it.

CONCLUSION. Fellas, I used Pixomatic for a week and the feature which, is super cool on this application is you can easily change the background with this application. Not only change the background, you can also make it blur, change the color and many more. This aplication is good for you who like to change the photo background. But unfortunalely, the free version of Pixomatic has advertising and the other feature is the same with another photo editor. I recommended Pixomatic with rate 3 of 5.

Rate: 3 (of 5 stars) | Play Store


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