My Little Pony: Puzzle Party! – Test Your Puzzle Skills!

Hi fellas,
happy weekend! This weekend, I want to introduce you about a cute game named My Little Pony: Puzzle Party, or in this review I will call it “MLP”. This review is a request from a friend of mine. FYI, you can send a request application via PM. MLP is a puzzle game. This game discovers the magic of a beautiful place named of Equestria. This game is fun and challenging.


MLP has great graphic and good sound. This game is cute and I believe that every girl wanna play it. This game is about little pony’s journey. But you need more than 100 MB space on your phone to install this game. So, dont’t go anywhere! I can says that this game worth to download and to play. First of all, let’s check the video about MLP!

This is the first view of MLP. You can play this game both in landscape and portrait view.

When you play this game, you will go to travel through all the magical worlds and meet a lot challenging puzzle game. So let’s MLP’s features!

AGE CHECKING. Before you play, you need to input your age. Kids can play this game BUT the parents need to active “Child mode”. This “Child mode” will make the kids can’t link the game to Facebook or Google play account.

HOME. This is the view of MLP. This is super cute, isn’t? In this game you can see A section, B section and the C section.

A. PROFILE. You can check your profile here. What you get on profile? You can see your name, your gold, heart and pony’s avatar. This avatar is still locked. You need to purchase about $3.99 to buy pony’s avatar. That’s expensive, I think.

B. LEVEL. This section is your level track. When you got 3 stars when play the game, you can see it here. MLP has a lot challenging level to play, you need to try it. So far, I am on level 7. (sorry because busy-office-week, I can play a lot)

C. SHORTCUT. On this section, you can check shortcut button which link to Map, Daily challenge, Inbox, Leaderboards and Achievements.

Daily Challenge. You will get extra coin and a lot bonus when you finish the daily challenge. So, don’t miss it! You need to solve it before night.

PLAY. This is the time! You can test your PUZZLE SKILLS here! Have fun! All you need to play this game is tap 2 or more same cubes to collect them all!

When you play this game, you need to solve the quest and reach the goal. You can also use the special item to help collect the cubes, for example the light or flies. Don’t forget, in MLP, you have maximum “MOVE”. You need to solve the puzzle before the “MOVE” running out.

And what happen if you can’t solve the goal or the “MOVE” drop to 0 (zero)? No more move? Then the pony will say, then cry and game over.

Don’t make the pony cry! Collect the cubes and solve the puzzle! When you reach the goal, and you still have a time, you can do “PARTY MODE”. Well, party mode is like bonus stage. You can get a lot cubes in the same times.

DAILY REWARD. Make sure you open your game daily because you can get the daily bonus. The daily bonus looks gorgeous! You need to spin it and get your reward.

SETTING. In setting you can set the notification, child mode, connect/disconnect from facebook/google play account and many more.

CONNECT FACEBOOK. Need to play with friends? Oh well, connect your game to Facebook and invite all of your friends to play it!

Well fellas,
that is review about MLP, hope you like it. And if you are Puzzle game addicted, this game is worth to install! Happy playing and share your score.

PROS. Simple | Easy to use | Great graphic and nice audio | A lot challenging level | Child mode

CONS. Too many tutorial | Expensive stuff to buy

CONCLUSION. Fellas, this game discover the magic of a beautiful place named of Equestria. This game is fun and challenging. MLP is easy to use, but difficult to play. LOL. This game has great graphic and super fine audio. MLP also has a lot challenging level. And the important thing is MLP has “Child mode”. So you can let your children play and do not worry about it, if you are on “Child Mode”, you can’t connect to Facebook or Google Play. That’s mean, your children will not accidentaly tap to “purchase” stuff. If you are Puzzle addicted, this game is worth to install! Happy playing and share your score. I recommend this application with rate 4 (of 5 stars).

Rate: 4 (of 5 starts) |  Play Store



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