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Hi fellas,
This time, I bring you a review about my favorite game and I believe, a lot people also love this game. The name is Shadow Fight 2. The Shadow Fight 2 is sequel from the first game version called Shadow Fight. In the past, Shadow Fight known as facebook’s game.


For me, Shadow Fight’s graphic is not that great. This game isn’t giving us detail graphic of the main character, but the developer, Nekki, give us silhouette view. You can’t see the character’s custome, hair or face. All you can see is silhouette with nice background. This game has great audio, so when we play it, it will give you hard feeling about the game. You’ll feel getting involved in this game, or I can see, this is a battle. This is the view of Shadow fight 2. You can use this button to move, kick, using your weapon and many more. Are you remembering about this game? Well, I’ll share you a video about that. Check this out!

TUTORIAL. If you play Shadow Fight before, it will be easier to play Shadow Ffight 2, cause this game looks the same. But if you aren’t playing it, no need to worry cause you will get the tutorial before play the game. Of course, you can skip the tutorial if you want. But I prefer to do the tutorial if you haven’t played the first version. The “Sensei” will help you, he is your guide on this game.


THE NAME IS SHADOW. In this game, you will do duel (face by face). This game is addictive but have little bit slower “tempo” than other fighting game, but this game is very realistic. In shadow fight 2, you will be a beginner fighter named Shadow. Shadow fight 2 will give you 4 game modes. There are story mode, tournament mode, survival mode and duel mode. In every mode, you will have energy (or on this game, we call it “blood”). The fighter who runs out of blood, they will easily getting attacked and die. So, you need to keep the blood and bit down your enemy/rival before the blood is running out! You need to hurry.


STORY MODE. For me, this mode is very interesting and challenging. In Story Mode, you will find a lot big enemy (in first stage call as a bodyguard). You should beat them all to survive. The interesting point of this mode is if you beat down a bodyguard, another bodyguard will come and they will be stronger till you meet the Boss. To solve “Story mode” you should upgrade your battle skills and your weapons. If you aren’t doing that, you will fail in this mode. Trust me.


TOURNAMENT MODE. Need to train your battle skills? Well, then you need to join Tournament Mode. In this mode, you will meet with rivals, which has same level as yours. This tournament gives you 2 rounds. You need to win that. If you win in the first round and 2nd round be your rivals, then it will be next round to determine the winner. This made really helpful to upgrade your battle skills. Join in this mode will be so interesting.

SURVIVAL MODE. Survival mode seems like the tournament mode cause you need to beat 1 by 1. The difference is you will use the rest blood of your last battle on the next battle. So, it’s why this mode call “Survival Mode”. It because you need to beat, your enemy/rival with your rest blood (of the last battle). This mode is very difficult. In this mode, you will face-to-face with 10 rivals and you need to face them all with different weapon. Survival mode will not make your experience higher, it just will help you save the gold.

DUEL MODE. On Duel Mode, you will face to face with great fighters. But this mode will available only once time in 3-4 hours. In this mode, we fight with random armor and weapon. And sometimes, there is some new rule such as you shouldn’t jump, you just allow to kick, etc.

CHALLENGE MODE. I can say that this mode is a mix between tournament mode with duel mode. The battle similar to tournament mode, but you will use random armor and weapon with random rules.

ECLIPSE MODE. If we activate the Eclipse Mode, our rival will be stronger. But if we won the battle, we will get not only get gold, but also receipt to enchant armor or weapon.

SETTING. Need to inactive music or sound? Or change the language? Check the setting section, fellas!


In the setting section, you can also check “Advanced Settings”. Here, you can check about graphics quality, location resolution and controller scale. Make sure you choose the right setting to your phone to get better experience.


Another thing which makes shadow fighter interesting to play is because this game has a lot new weapon, armor and requirement to play. You can purchase the weapon/armor/requirement if you reach a certain level and of course you can upgrade it and make it better than before.


To purchase it, you need to save gold, which you get fro the game) or buy it with real money.


But unfortunately, this game just gives us asilhouette view. And did you know what? Sometimes, our character looks too similar with the rival on silhouette. Sometimes it is very difficult to know which one is ours. So MIUIers, install the game now and let’s the battle begins!

PROS. Shadow fight 2 give you 4 modes to play | Easy to understand | Include the tutorial to help you play | great audio | challenging

CONS. Sometimes, silhouette of our character looks similar with our rival | The graphic is not so great

CONCLUSION. So, I think Shadow Fight is one best fighter game and you need to install and play it. This game gives you a lot level to play. Shadow Fight 2 also has 4 modes to play. The game also has great audio, include the tutorial to help you and easy to play. Unfortunately, sometimes, the silhouette of our character looks similar with our rival. I recommend this application with rate 4 from 5 stars!

Rate: 4 (of 5 stars) | Play Store



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