SNOW – Time to Share your Cool Selfie!

Hi fellas!
Back to my website, I bring to  you a cool camera application named SNOW.  This camera application will remind you of Snapchat application. With Snow, you can easily decorate your photo and send it to your friends.

First of all, check my video about SNOW!


First things first, you need to log in. You can log in with your Facebook, E-mail or Line account. After log in, you need to verify your phone. This step is to make you easily invite new friends. But, you can “Skip” it if you want. On SNOW, I log in using my Facebook account and skip the verify phone.

So fellas, let’s check the features of snow! This is the first camera view of Snow.

1. SNOW BASIC. This feature looks more like a tutorial. You can get a lot tips to use Snow from this feature. The tips such as “how to add caption to snap”, “send and receive snaps”, and many more.

2. CAMERA VIEW. This is the special feature I like the most! Cause with Snow, you can active both your back and front camera. So you also can “decorate” your friends from the back-camera. LOL. It will be so fun!

3. EFFECTS. Snow has a lot of cool effects. Not only cool, but also cute and update. This month, Snow also gives you “Halloween” effect. Not only effects, you can also put stickers, write caption, and make doodling on your photo. This is amazing! But if you want to use the effect, you need to download it first.

You can also change the camera filter with one tap.

4. STORIES. This one like your home. On stories, you can see your friends’ stories and also can share yours. To have a lot friends, you can add them from username, Line friend, or phone contact.

5. CAMERA BUTTON. Tap it to capture your photo after you put effect you want. So this is mine! Looks cute, isn’t? Not only can share it on stories or to your friend, but you can also save it to your gallery.

6. CHAT. Snow will allow you to chat with your friend. And you can send them your picture too.

SETTING. On setting, you can check your username, profile, verified your mobile number or email, and many more. You can set the push notification from setting.

So, fellas, that’s about SNOW. I install it on my phone, how about you?

PROS. Simple | Easy to use | Has a lot of effects to use | No advertising | Easy to invite friend

CONS. Need to download the effect first before using it

CONCLUSION.  Well, using this application for a week and I can say that this camera concept is so cool! SNOW is simple and easy to use. This application is free to download without advertising. SNOW has lots of great effects to try. You can also share your photo on your stories, any social media, or send it to your friend through the chat feature. Not only effect, but you can also put sticker, caption and filter on your photo. Unfortunately, you need to download the effect first before you can use it. I recommended this application with rate 4 of 5 stars.

Rate: 4 (of 5 stars) | Play Store



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    1. Well, most of people who use snow is girl and for them, this one is super cute. But i am totally understand that boy haven’t interesting of this app XD

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