BITLY – Say Goodbye to Extra-Long Links!

Dear fellas,
today I want to share with you an useful application called BITLY. Bitly is a link management platform, developed by Bitly Inc. Before coming to Android, Bitly is available on the desktop version. With Bitly, you will get a simple and short link. So, if you find great thread or article with extra-long link, and you need to share the link with your friends, you can easily use Bitly. Your link will be shorter than before.

Bitly is a nice application with simple UI. You can easily use Bitly after you have finished the installation. But before you can use it, you need to create an account, or you can log in with Facebook or Twitter. But, here is the problem, I try to log in with Twitter, but in the end I still need to input my email address to finish it.¬†So, it’s better when you choose “Sign up” at the first time than “Log in”.


Bitly for Android is fully integrated with the desktop version. Have you ever tried the desktop version? You can visit this link.

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