Disney Enchanted Tales – Build Your Own Kingdom

Hi fellas,
In the end of November, I am glad to share with you a new nice game. Honestly, this game is kinda “build” game. You may be familiar with Clash of Clan, Sim City or other build game. But for me, this one is different cause this game has nice graphic, great story and super nice audio sound. So, the name is Disney Enchanted Tales or in this review, I will call it Disney Tales. I believe that most of you are familiar enough with a lot of fairy tales’ from Disney.

So, first of all, let’s check an official video about Disney Tales! Enjoy the video!


This game is really cute! I love how the Developer makes this game like a fairy tale book. Disney Tales also has great sound. You will feel like you in the middle of your favorite story. So, when you have finished the installation, you will find this loading screen. From this screen you can see Belle (from Beauty on the Beast), Rapunzel (Tangled) and Elsa (Frozen). Well, it’s because the first time this game has been launched, the developer only give you 3 stories. However, no need to worry, the developer always update the game. For the new version, you will also find Jasmine (Aladin).

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