eWed – Spread Your Happy Moments with Other

Hi fellas,
long time no see. How are you? It’s been a long time that I am not showing up in here¬†because I got married. So doing full of holiday during December. Hehe. But, now I am back!

Speaking of wedding, I get a little help about the invitation from my friend. He had created a wedding application called eWed. Will you get married soon? Fellas, I believe that you need to read my review because eWed is one of best wedding application nowadays!


eWed has simple UI and really easy to use. This is the first view of eWed. You need to log in with your Facebook to use it. After you have finished the installation, you need to input the wedding code. Everyone has different wedding code with others.

How did you get the weeding code? Well, you will get it from people who invite you (the groom and the bride). Would you try to use it? Fellas, you can use this code to join my wedding event. FYI, a code is only available to 1 Facebook account. So, this is the code!

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