Microsoft Solitaire – The Legendary Game Is Coming to Android!

Hi fellas!
It’s time to game review. Who is interesting? Today I bring to you a legendary game. Everyone who using windows, should know about this game. Yes, the game is Microsoft Solitaire Collection! The world’s #1 Solitaire game is now available on Android. I try this game on my Redmi 3s and works fine. But, I don’t know why, the Solitaire isn’t compatible with Mi4.

Well, let’s check a sneak peek video of Microsoft Solitaire Collection!

Microsoft Solitaire Collection (MSC) looks similar like the old Solitaire on PC. But, this game on Android looks much better. The UI looks great with nice audio. When I try this game, I really feel like I use Windows phone. So, this one is the first look of MSC. You can easily check some recommended menu of MSC.

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Disney Enchanted Tales – Build Your Own Kingdom

Hi fellas,
In the end of November, I am glad to share with you a new nice game. Honestly, this game is kinda “build” game. You may be familiar with Clash of Clan, Sim City or other build game. But for me, this one is different cause this game has nice graphic, great story and super nice audio sound. So, the name is Disney Enchanted Tales or in this review, I will call it Disney Tales. I believe that most of you are familiar enough with a lot of fairy tales’ from Disney.

So, first of all, let’s check an official video about Disney Tales! Enjoy the video!


This game is really cute! I love how the Developer makes this game like a fairy tale book. Disney Tales also has great sound. You will feel like you in the middle of your favorite story. So, when you have finished the installation, you will find this loading screen. From this screen you can see Belle (from Beauty on the Beast), Rapunzel (Tangled) and Elsa (Frozen). Well, it’s because the first time this game has been launched, the developer only give you 3 stories. However, no need to worry, the developer always update the game. For the new version, you will also find Jasmine (Aladin).

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SHADOW FIGHT 2 – Be The Real Fighter!

Hi fellas,
This time, I bring you a review about my favorite game and I believe, a lot people also love this game. The name is Shadow Fight 2. The Shadow Fight 2 is sequel from the first game version called Shadow Fight. In the past, Shadow Fight known as facebook’s game.


For me, Shadow Fight’s graphic is not that great. This game isn’t giving us detail graphic of the main character, but the developer, Nekki, give us silhouette view. You can’t see the character’s custome, hair or face. All you can see is silhouette with nice background. This game has great audio, so when we play it, it will give you hard feeling about the game. You’ll feel getting involved in this game, or I can see, this is a battle. This is the view of Shadow fight 2. You can use this button to move, kick, using your weapon and many more. Are you remembering about this game? Well, I’ll share you a video about that. Check this out!

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My Little Pony: Puzzle Party! – Test Your Puzzle Skills!

Hi fellas,
happy weekend! This weekend, I want to introduce you about a cute game named My Little Pony: Puzzle Party, or in this review I will call it “MLP”. This review is a request from a friend of mine. FYI, you can send a request application via PM. MLP is a puzzle game. This game discovers the magic of a beautiful place named of Equestria. This game is fun and challenging.


MLP has great graphic and good sound. This game is cute and I believe that every girl wanna play it. This game is about little pony’s journey. But you need more than 100 MB space on your phone to install this game. So, dont’t go anywhere! I can says that this game worth to download and to play. First of all, let’s check the video about MLP!

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PAPER PLANES – Throw and Catch Them All!

Dear fellas,
October is coming and now I bring you cool application called Paper Planes. Paper planes is a game which gives you a chance to trade stamps with people around the world. The Paper Planes icon may remind you of Telegram app, but this one is a game (well I like to says that this application is a game), not chat application.

First of all lets check the video about Paper Planes, happy watching!

Paper Planes has a great interface with soft purple color. Honestly, it’s little bit sad that this game icon exactly looks like Telegram. So, after the installation, Paper Planes will “say hello” to you through this view. You can see a lot paper planes fly and wait for you to catch them all.

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