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Dear fellas,
today, I want to share you about locator application called Zenly Locator. Zenly is useful application and can helps you to track your friends or family location 8-).

Zenly Locator is a simple and battery-friendly application. This application has great UI, but not-so-lovely color. Zenly has a light blue color. Personally, I am not like the color because not comfortable to my eyes 😕 . In my opinion, dark brown or pastel color will be better. First time you log in on Zenly, you need to make your account, set your ID name, put phone number and password.

Fellas, let’s talk about features!

YOUR LOCATION . Don’t forget to turn on your GPS to track your friends and your location. It will be great if you have accurate GPS on your phone. I use Mi4 and I can say that the gps is not that great. You can go outside to make the gps better.


After you lock your position, you will see a little blue dot on the map. And that’s you! Zenly is realtime locator. Everyone with your permission can track your position anytime, anywhere. So make sure you aren’t allowed stranger to get your permission.


.INVITE FRIENDS. Feeling lonely and want to see your friends’ position? Invite them all to use Zenly locator 😀 You can invite them all for free. For your information, you can also invite our non-android friend! This invitation is basically from your phone contact. So, you can invite everyone on your phone contact easily.


.SHARE THE POSITION. You can share each other with your friend. All you need to share your position is only with open Zenly. Quick and simple. This feature will remind you about Find my phone application. So you can find and locate your friend. But, first of all, make sure to add your friend first. Zenly will so useful a family to track other family member. Zenly is on of best service to keep an eye on your friends and your family.

*resource Playstore


.EMOTICON. Say “Goodbye” to default map icon. You can use some cute application to be your icon on the map! 😉 😳 🙄

.PRIVACY. Need privacy? Here we go! Zenly give you “go incognito” feature to stop sharing your location when you want to do it. Active this feature and choose what is need to share and what is not.

SETTING. In this feature, you can change your photo, name and many more. You can also set the notification of Zenly.
BONUS. Love to go Ski with friends? Zenly also has Ski Map for you. Unfortunately, I can’t this feature because here, in my hometown, there is no Ski or winter. Haha.

With Zenly, you no need to make useless calls, no more  “Dude, where are you?” or “What are you doing?”.  Developer says,”Welcome freedom and peace of mind!”So, wanna install it, fellas?!

PROS. Free to download | Realtime gps tracker | Simple to use | Without advertising | Battery-friendly | Simple privacy controls

CONS.  Few people use Zenly | The color of Zenly is not comfortable to my eyes (in my experience).
CONCLUSION. Zenly is one of great Locator application. With Zenly, you can easily track and check your friends or your family position. This application is free to use, and of course without no advertising. Zenly is battery-friendly application and work real-time. You can also choose “go incognito” feature to stop sharing your location when you want to do it. Unfortunately, I don’t like the blue color of Zenly because it makes my eyes not comfortable, and just few people use this. I recommend Zenly with rate 3 (of 5). Let’s download it!

Rate: 3 (of 5 starts) | Play Store



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